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From the South of France to Cambridge

Following my motorbike breakdown in a heavy rainstorm in Spain, we found ourselves unexpectedly spending the next weekend in Ceret in the Eastern Pyrenees. What a delight it turned out to be…



a leafy street in Ceret

Ceret is the home of the Musee d’Art Moderne, where we saw work by Picasso, Masson, Maillol, Frere, Herbin, Soutine, Dufy and more


Auguste Herbin

I picked up a tiny book about Herbin’s process of collaging elements to create a scene, and these ideas travelled with me back home and then on to a workshop in Cambridge UK, facilitated by fine art collage artist Karen Stamper

Using my travel sketchbook to prompt a collage abstracted from my memories, quick sketches, and postcards from Ceret:


my travel book with postcard of art work by Andre Masson


my collage created at Karen Stamper’s Cambridge workshop

A most enjoyable sketchbook and collage play day with happy travel memories!