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the joy of the road

Experiencing a constant stream of landscapes and ever changing views which frame the road, snatched images and details, impossibly trying to memorise, unable to stop to photograph the stunning views around every bend….. sometimes travelling by bike (or any means of transport) seems that we are too quickly soaking up amazing scenery, grasping a mental snapshot, and then it’s gone, it’s behind us and we are taking in the next view…. but we are loving the experience of fast travel, enjoying the roads, lanes and tracks; and then we make choices of where and when to slow right down…. to stop to engage more fully and slowly explore the surroundings

It is the dilemma of travel (and life too); the need to cover distance balanced with the wish to stay awhile in each place to sense and take time to enjoy…

I felt inspired by artist and cyclist Nick Bodimeade’s work  “B roads” and “Tracks Trails and Tarmac”. He explores these experiences and his paintings capture those moments, celebrating the joy of travel, movement and of passing by whilst taking in the surrounding scenes. His work spoke to me and reflected my own thoughts about travel and memory

Do take a look at his vibrant work and watch the short video about his painting process

Nick Bodimeade

Here are my own Scottish road images just waiting to be captured in paint ….

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Amazing Sculpture Croft

If you can, do visit the sculpture croft created by artist Lotte Glob on Loch Eriboll on the north coast of Scotland. If not, take a look at her beautiful website

Experimental with materials sourced from the landscape, her ceramic pieces find their place in her garden and wild places in the surrounding mountains and lochs.  I have been hand building ceramic globes for outdoors, so was delighted by my accidental discovery as we travelled by bike through Scotland’s incredible scenery. Her studio is truly worth the journey. Inspirational!






Lotte’s stunning award winning home



Some quirky creatures live here too!

Below are my previous works; you will see why I was so pleased to find Lotte Glob’s ceramics in the Far North


my own ceramic globes