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alternative sunsets

One of the things I missed most when I moved from my old home was the sunset views across the open fields. The skies were simply stunning some evenings

Where I live now is amongst the trees, and I don’t get a view of the horizon unless I’m out and about at sunset. At first I felt sad that I no longer have a clear view of the beautiful end of the day skies in the west from my home, and I miss that. However, I continue to look for the sunset sky and it has shown me some beautiful and unexpected alternatives. The light is reflected through and onto the trees around us, with amazing colour shows some evenings


ancient oak on fire



golden silver birch



changing colours of the pines

I am reminded of other stunning alternative sunset views on my travels

A recent campaign “Sunsets for Kate” by a brave lady Kate Morrell from Wagga Wagga, Australia, is a reminder of the great gift of sight. Kate is losing her eyesight due to Usher syndrome, and her sunset views will soon be lost altogether. A fellow student on the online “Do What you Love” e-course, she is appealing for as many sunset photos as possible to view before it’s too late for her, and to raise awareness of this condition. Kate’s story is an inspiration and humbling reminder to appreciate and make the most of each and every precious view…


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