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to do what you love

Following the Do What You Love team founded by Beth Kempton, freedom seeker and adventurer, I promised myself the treat of the DWYL online course on retiring from the UK health service. It didn’t disappoint. The five week course was intensive and thought provoking, packed full of practical exercises to find the way to Do What You Love for Life…..just what I had been waiting for. The DWYL website is full of free short courses, inspiring stories and words of wisdom

Beth is the author of Freedom Seeker. Live More. Worry Less. Do What You Love

I was so excited to be selected for an interview for inclusion in her book, to be published on April 4th 2017. In fact, the opportunity inspired me (and gave me a much needed push) to start this blog, and also a deadline to do so. Scary for me for several reasons: hoping to write about something that might interest or maybe even inspire others; also sharing my own thoughts, hopes, dreams and activities. But I made the jump, and here I am


Beth’s new book



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